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One Truth – Chapter 1 – Every New Beginning has an A-ha Moment

September 10, 2011

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment in life? You know, when the light bulb turns on in your head, and suddenly your perspective and viewpoint of something changes forever. These moments in life are awesome, and can guide you through situations in many positive ways.

For some people, an ah-ha moment can be realizing their purpose in life and pursuing it. For others, it is the discovery of religion. And still for some it could be learning something new they never considered before – like many of the amazing inventions we see and use each day. My hope is that this book becomes yet another ah-ha moment for you, and you start to look at yourself and other people from a new perspective – one that is filled with both hope and positive feelings.

Before we get into more detail, let me ask you some questions to help stimulate some thought and establish some initial predispositions you may have.

· Do certain people annoy or frustrate you?
· Are you tired of dealing with “stupid” people?
· Do you feel overwhelmed with life stressors?
· Are you worn-out with being angry all the time?
· Do shame, guilt, and regret knock on your door often?
· Do you want to have more peace and happiness in your life?
· Do you feel bitterness or resentment toward certain people?
· Have you ever wanted to forgive someone, but simply cannot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is exactly what you are searching for. However, if you answered no to all of these questions, then you already understand what I am going to share, and hopefully will enjoy reading it all the same.

You are not going to be reading a boring medical or psychological book discussing theories and obsolete practices. I will explain things in everyday language that will make sense to you. While understanding the concepts of this book is the easy part, accepting these abstract ideas as truth can be difficult if you are not open to looking at things from a new or different perspective. And applying this new philosophy to your life is only possible after you have accepted it as truth – and I promise you it will take some time. For me, the process to accept these principles took a while, and as I fully accepted these concepts it took even longer before I saw its application in my daily life. However, once you can go through the process of acceptance and application, this one truth philosophy can change your life for the better.

Many truths exist in the world we live in. I bring this point up so that you do not mistake this book title to mean the only truth; it is simply one truth. What are some other truths or beliefs that you hold on to? How did you learn about them? I have believed in many different so-called truths throughout my life. Obviously, as I learned and experienced new things throughout my life, some of those beliefs changed. One of those truths that changed for me was the belief that I or other people could have made different decisions in the past. We all realize that people make choices during every waking moment of their adult lives as well as during childhood and adolescence – though the decisions during the early years in life tend to be more directly influenced by authority figures.

However, one truth that I have come to truly understand is that people could not have made any different decisions in the past – whether as an adult or a child. The reason those choices or decisions could not have been any different is due to how information received from our senses is interpreted. This interpretation is based primarily on our intellect, current knowledge, prior experiences, and most influentially how we felt emotionally at the moment of making those decisions. I will explain in more detail how those four factors play a role in the human decision making process in the following chapters.

Now, if decisions in the past could not be any different than they were, then it is accurate to say that both current and future choices also fall under the same premise since a current or future choice ultimately becomes a choice in the past. So, if you still believe that people can make different choices than they do, then be prepared – and hopefully open – for that belief to be challenged as you read this book.

I want you all to understand the importance of the acceptance and application of the one truth philosophy in your life. Without accepting and applying it, you most likely will:

· routinely parrot what you hear from others.
· constantly blame others for your unhappiness.
· regularly judge and condemn people for their actions.
· incessantly place unrealistic expectations on others.
· frequently escape from reality through a number of harmful habits.
· endlessly deal with negative emotions in unhealthy ways.

Is this truly the life you want? One filled with negative emotions based on the actions and behaviors of others? If not, then open your mind to learn something new so you can accept and apply this one truth philosophy to your life. No matter how much money you make, or how much success you have in life, if you truly do not understand why people do what they do, then you will always struggle with the poor decisions that others make.

Decisions in the past cannot be any different.

John Morgan, Author
One Truth


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